LARABII panel at the Political Studies Association of Ireland Annual Conference

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The Political Studies Association of Ireland Annual Conference takes place this weekend in Waterford, hosted by the South East Technological University.

The LARABII project has organised a panel for the conference, Abortion Politics in Ireland and Iceland: Case studies and comparative perspectives, chaired by Dr Luke Field. The research presented at the panel will include contributions from several members of the LARABII project, as well as participants from the LARABII conference held in Reykjavík in May. The panel will take place at 14:30 on Saturday 13 October.

Presentations include:

  • ‘Abortion Politics in Ireland and Iceland: In the “fast lane” for liberalising attitudes?’ by Silja Bára Ómarsdóttir and Luke Field
  • A conservative reaction: The parliamentary abortion debates in Ireland & Iceland’ by Gunnar Sigvaldason
  • “For some reason she just wasn’t able to have an abortion”: Pronatalism, anti-abortion rhetoric and the taboo of regret’ by Margaret Anne Johnson and Gyða Margrét Pétursdóttir
  • The Role of “Gestural Dress” in Transnational Feminist Protest Movements: A Case Study of the
    Irish REPEAL jumper’ by Aideen O’Shaughnessy

More information can be found on the conference website:

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