Conference keynote registration

The conference has ended and registration is no longer possible.

The politics of abortion in Iceland, Ireland & Northern Ireland took place 1819 May at the University of Iceland.

The keynote addresses and panel took place from 14:30–17:00 on Wednesday 18 May in Room 101 of the University’s Oddi building. Our speakers included:

Þórhildur Sunna Ævarsdóttir (Iceland): Member of the Althing for the Pirate Party

Professor David Farrell (Ireland): Professor of Politics at University College Dublin and Chairperson of the European Consortium for Political Research

Ivana Bacik (Ireland): Leader of the Labour Party, legal scholar, and pro-choice campaigner

Dr Fiona Bloomer (Northern Ireland): Senior Lecturer in Social Policy at Ulster University

Members of the public also attended this part of the conference, as well as journalists.